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Customers feedback about the Bujinkan training manuals:

Hallo tengu-publishing, I got the books today and they exceeded my expectations thank you so much and Icant wait for the next lot to be translated they are just so great thanks so much.- tenguking
An excellent addition to any Bujinkan students Libary, great book!
SUPER tolles Buch..sehr NETTER Kontakt+++++++
Outstanding training aid! Let me know you have more Ryu-ha books in English. :))
Excellent book. Thank You! Ninpo Ikkan. Recommended eBayer. A+++++
Excellent product, hope for more titles soon.
Excellent Item. Always High Quality! A+
Brilliant reference, from 9th kyu to black belt kata (renyo, etc.) Recommended buy
Awesome Book!! Great Seller! Cannot wait for the newest books!
Excellent! Awaiting the next Densho A+++
Great book A+++++++++++++++ thank you!
Excellent book and excellent service....will deal with them again for sure.
Excellent book, nice artwork, fantastic training aid, arrived quickly too. Thanks
I wanted to thank you for the quick shipment. I just received the book today and am very pleased.
The book arrived today and looks excellent! Im definitely interested in buying any further, English language books you publish. I will also pass the word on to my Bujinkan friends!
Fantastic item, my only complaint is I didnt buy it sooner!!!
Great book. Informative with lots of diagrams. Good training reference point.
Very Good, Zehr Gutt, Very good communication A++++
Danke! Super Buch! Weiter so!!
„Das Buch ist einfach genial .... Bilder, Text, japanische Namen .... genau das, was ich mir immer gewünscht habe. Jetzt fehlt das gleich nur noch für die anderen 8 Schulen :-)„
I just had the chance to start reading the Gyokko Ryu densho and it is impressive. Please continue to produce the other densho in the series in English. I will spread the word to others and hope they find it as valuable. I am looking forward to both the Kukishinden and Togakure Ryu. I will be collecting them as they are published.
Excellent book! Anticipating English translations of the new books!
This item is great and I would recommend it to other BBT students. Great!
Hello I have received my book in fantastic condition and I appreciate you answering my concerns I look forward too ordering your further translations.Sincerely, Mr. Jones/Canada.

Dear Wolfgang,I think you are doing a great job, and from the first time I looked at the Gyokko Ryu Densho, I have been advising the students in our groups to collect them. We are equaly pleased with our delivery of the Togakure Ryu ones last week. A few guys missed the order and will be ordering more alongside our order when the Kuki one comes out.
I will be happy to put a link on my website and will do it now, check it out on
[4/2011] Mark (Banbury/UK)

I just received my copy of the Togakure Ryu book and I am once again a very pleased customer. I would like to thank you very much for putting out this wonderful book and look forward to purchasing the rest as they are released. If you are taking requests I cant wait to see Shinden Fudo Ryu.
[3/2011] Scott Shepard (St. Peters/USA)

Dear Sir, I already have recently purchased your Gyokko - Ryu Densho from my Dojo ( Jissen Dojo in Brisbane Australia ) and I would like to congratulate you on what you have produced. I and a number of others of at my school have been very impressed and are looking forward to getting all nine books.
The diagrams are a particular touch of brilliance. I myself am a 1st Dan black belt but I find that the diagrams are a fantastic aid to remembering how these techniques flow.
Keep up the good work.
[03/2011] Bryan Gagen (Brisbane/Australia)

Dear Wolfgang, I am thoroughly enjoying the Manual and looking forward to the publication of the whole set..! I have been showing it around to other students in class and will proceed to inform others about it. I am sure your market is not restricted to bujinkan-only, other students from the takamatsu den have probably been searching for a resource like this in English as well... keep up the good work and thank you for this excellent work.
[11/2010] Eu Shen (Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia)

Hi, I recently purchased your book on Gyokko Ryu by Carsten Kuhn and was extremely impressed. Thank you for a great product.
[11/2010] Scott Shepard (St.Peters/USA)

Klasse Buch! Wie schon beim Buch"Bujinkan Budo Densho-Gyokko Ryu Taijutsu no Kata" ist auch hier eine klare Linie zu erkennen. Einfache Zeichnungen und Erklärungen, nur soviel wie nötig. Die Bücher dieser Reihe verstehen sich nicht als Lehrbücher, sind eher als Gedächtnisstützen für den Praktizierenden des Bujinkan gedacht. Ein Lob dem Zeichner Tommy James Peters und dem Autoren Carsten Kühn sowie Wolfgang Ettig als Verleger. Kann ich nur empfehlen.
[10/2010] Jerry (Perleberg/Deutschland)

Hi Wolfgang,
Yes, the Gyokko Ryu Densho has been very helpful. I commend your team for the success of its publication and the quality of work put into it. You have my support for the succeeding Densho to be published in English. Again, thank you and hope that you will proceed with the English version of the Densho.
I will advise once I hear more from my friends.
[10/2010] Paul (Pinkenba/Australia)

Dear Wolfgang,
The book is a great tool. My sons have taken to it quite well as it helps them remember the name of each kata. I will be purchasing both the Togakure Ryu and the Kukishinden-Ryu versions once you have translated them into English. Will you be doing any other books after that? Koto Ryu and Shinden Fudo Ryu are two others I am quite keen on.
Kind regards,
[10/2010] Nick (Melbourne/Australia)

Hello. I love the English book I have purchased and I do hope that you get to translate the rest into English. I know I will purchase them as will my classmates. Thank you for the extraordinary work you are doing.
[10/2010] Joel (Mastic/USA)

I would love to see a complete version of Kukishinden Ryu, Shinden Fudo Ryu (Jutaijutsu and Daken), and Takagi Yoshin Ryu and Koto Ryu. These would be the most interest to me. I would also like to see Iai / Kenpo kenjustsu from the schools and other Buki from these schools.
Thank you I really love the quality of the book, look forward to more.
[8/2010] Justin (Pasadena/USA)

Just got your english gyokyo ryu manual and I love it. Just wanted you to know that if you come out with more english denshos i will be buying them also. So please keep up the good work and print more english denshos. Thank you.
[8/2010] David Goff (Jefferson City/USA)

What a fantastic book. I will definitely be buying the Kukishinden Ryu and Togakure Ryu english language versions when they become available. 3 of my Bujinkan friends have now bought the Gyokko Ryu and will also be purchasing the others.
[8/2010] Stuart Lawson (Boston/UK)

Hello, I just would like to say that I have only had my Gyokko Densho for a few days and I LOVE IT! I cannot wait for Kukishiden ryu and Togakure ryu. I will tell all my Bujinkan friends. These books are a blessing. Thank you for your time.
[8/2010] Brady (Salt Lake City/USA)

Hello, I can certainly say that there will be a lot of interest in your books, that are published in English. I personally would try to own the whole series. Originally, it was a Bujinkan friend of mine whom put me onto your book, so now you can see that word and popularity is beginning to spread. I will certainly pass on the knowledge of your books existence to my Instructor (12th Dan Bujinkan) and training partners (Dan grades in other arts), as they all have contacts in this country and others. Hopefully this popularity will -snowball- and make it worth while for you to translate these modern densho into English. I eagerly look forward to the publication of your Togakure Ryu book.
Best of luck and regards,
[8/2010] Jason Smith (UK)

I wanted to say thank you for the Gyokko Ryu Densho, it is a very good book and thank you for all the help during my purchase. I also write this email to ask you when you will be releasing any new Denshos in english again?
[8/2010] John Momitsas (Sydney/Australien)

Gyokko ryu book was great especially with the addition of pictures. Even tho its called budo taijutsu now, the gyokko ryu was the back bone of MANY ninjutsu ryu as far as hand to hand combat. There is also more to the gyokko ryu than just hand to hand would have loved to seen a chapter on this even if was just written,how gyokko influeneced ninjutsu,how it was used with weapons and on the battlefeild. Maybe include more of this in future editions...or release limited editions with the "cool" cover and extra features?? Ill buy!!!
Thanx guys for a great product look forward to more!!!!
[7/2010] Ian Doyle (USA)

Thank you for your feedback: Please note that we are envisaging to also publish this book series with weapons. (Publishers staff)

I ve received the book and its fabulous! I wish I had a copy when I first started training.
I really hope that youre going to cover the remaining ryu. And hopefully in English too!
I will e-mail all of the Bujinkan members. I know on Facebook with a link to your book and recommend it to them. You should consider doing a Facebook „page” promoting your book too.
Thank you for producing such a useful book. I look forward to further books in the series.
Many thanks and best wishes,
[7/2010] Jamie Spruce (Midland/UK).

Right or wrong?
Densho: Especially the original historical records of the individual ryû give leeway to each teacher to interpret the particular techniques/kata in his own way as no scroll mentions the kata in an exact way and in detail. Thus, it may occur that some Shihan occasionally interpret the current kata/techniques in a slightly different form. Even Sôke Hatsumi Masaaki is of the opinion that there is no right or wrong.
"You can do this technique in many different ways: If you do it this way, it is Gikan Ryû. If you do it this way, it is Kumogakure Ryû. If you do it this way, it is Togakure Ryû."
[Unterstand? Good. Play!/Hatsumi 2001]

For this reason it can be that this “modern” densho sometimes show some slight “incorrectness”. But, in the main, it observes the course of movements currently taught in the Bujinkan. Those “critics” who had the chance to train in the Honbu dôjô in the eighties – and nowadays there will surely be only a few left – can witness that there have been many changes with regard to how to execute the individual techniques. This fact alone shows that the densho are subject to a (further) development. Actually these changes are the factor which fills the techniques with life not the pure form. Isn’t it right that the legendary “Sanmyaku” was also a modern densho?
[7/2010] W. Ettig (shidoshi)

I LOVE the densho book! It is really, really great. I got it quickly and I know it will be a great guide for me and my training group. I like it so much that I want to collect all of them if they become available.
I think the all of the Bujinkan members in the US would benefit from this as well.
Keep up the great work...!
[06/2010] Jon Belt (Saint Louis/USA)

Diese Unterlagen sollten in jedem Dôjô liegen. Sehr übersichtlich gearbeitet. Aussagekräftige Zeichnungen und kurzer Text. Es dient hervorragend als Gedankenstütze. Auch der Hinweis am Anfang der Unterlagen, das es keinen Trainer / Lehrer ersetzen kann ist wichtig. Klare Strukturen, saubere Übersicht. Der / die Autoren wissen worauf es ankommt.
[2/2010] Th. Stolz.